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Ma'at Sekhem, a form of channelled healing from pre-ancient Egypt, means 'The Power of the Light of Truth'. It is channelled energy, drawn from the Universe of Light, and may be understood as a synthesis of several energy streams including Reiki and Kwan Yin Magnified healing (aka Guan Yin/Avoloketishvara).  As it is for many other 'lightworkers', my mission is One Love and the evolution of Humanity as a whole; unity over separation. The majority of the healing work I do is with people who are unwaged/on benefits and is thus unpaid, paid in kind or I am given small donations. My intention is for the art to support the expansion of the healing. 

As with all forms of healing or therapy, Ma'at Sekhem requires the recipient to be ready and willing to take responsibility for themselves. The same is true in medical treatment. Any program of support will only help if we also learn to help ourselves. Personally I have found/still find a combination of art/writing/yoga/meditation/music/reading/getting out into nature the combination that works best for me. Everyone is different and our interests and needs alter over time, depending on our state of mind or being. Be flexible with yourself, be patient with your process. Even if it feels you are static, in truth 'change is a constant', even when we cannot see or feel it.

Our Elder Brothers and Sisters are the basis for many of my paintings, or, as one friend described them, my 'metaphysical portraits'. These Elders include Mary Magdalene, Master Jesus, The Prophet Mohammed, Nature Spirits such as Cacao, and many others from ALL religious pantheons. Religious affiliation is merely a human construct, needed in previous centuries to prepare and train humanity for this Time of Awakening - referred to as the Resurrection in the Sacred texts - and symbolised by the upward pointing triangle. This is the Time of the Resurrection of consciousness, for without consciousness we are the living dead, automatons without any personal power or thought. All of the Sacred texts have been given via the channel Alpha: Mary the Mother received her revelations from the Arch Angel Gabriel, The Prophet Mohammed received the Quran also from the SAME Arch Angel; in Arabic the name is Jibreel. Islam also embraces Jesus as a Prophet, the translated name being Essa (Isa). I say again, it is only humans who have created these separatisms due to ignorance, hatred and fear of anyone remotely 'other' than themselves. 

See below for further information. 

Areas I can assist with include:

-PTSD and Complex (long term) PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

-Abuse inc. child sexual abuse & the related issues

-Domestic Violence

-Suicide - of those close to you

-Suicidal thoughts/suicide attempts

-Grief & Bereavement

-Dementia/mental health - yourself or those you care for

-Eating Disorders/body dysmorphia

-Guilt, rage & forgiveness - of yourself, of others

-Stroke recovery

-Cerebral Palsy

-plus many other areas of complaint

-attunement to assist your journey to becoming a healer: the level you can reach in one session this is something that is decided by the Guides who train & exam us.

Soul loss, Soul Reintegration

Contemporary psychology calls this 'dissociation'. Due to years of direct experience I have become strong in this area & am always willing to assist others to find themselves and reintegrate the parts of their Soul which have fled due to situations such as those mentioned above.

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What is Ma'at Sekhem & Energy Healing? 

Also known as 'spiritual healing' my form of energetic treatment requires no particular belief on the part of the client, just a wish to receive help and a willingness to relax. The word 'healing' actually refers to becoming 'whole' or 'balanced', both physically and emotionally/mentally, hence the term 'holistic'. These therapies can help re-energise and rebalance a stressed out and depleted mind and body. Energy therapies and other forms of therapy can also assist in our journey towards this constantly unfolding or changing goal. Further explanation on the science behind this below.

Energy work can be understood as a way of recharging your batteries. If you are undergoing treatment or awaiting surgery it can assist in helping to create a more relaxed and positive state and so help to promote the most positive outcome. It assists in reconnecting us to our true selves and in some cases just one or two sessions is enough to help a person move forward in their health and/or self-development. As one who has benefitted from receiving energy (& other) treatments myself I very much encourage self-help such as part of a healthy lifestyle. All meditative activities are highly beneficial, including gardening, walking, cooking and guided meditations on Youtube, etc. Above all I recommend trying whatever you feel is interesting or right for you and not pressurising yourself to be who others think you should. The point is to unveil your Authentic Self, raise Awareness & ultimately move forward in your life. 


In ancient Kemet, the native name for Egypt, there were seven main principles or virtues of the Goddess Ma'at. By following these principles we can evolve or integrate with our Essence or Higher/Soul Self. These principles are Truth, Justice, Balance, Order, Compassion, Harmony, and Reciprocity. Ma'at is an ancient Goddess of Truth, Balance & Justice, Sekhem is a form of Ancient Egyptian energy healing/therapy. 'Sekhem' can be understood as 'power' or 'power of the Light' so the overall meaning may be understood as 'the Power of Truth', meaning the Truth of Higher level Consciousness that is accessed by going within yourself. 


The entire Egyptian pantheon are also some of the assistants we are working with, not only Sekhmet, the lioness. However, our current form of this work is beyond Sekhem/Seichem/Reiki - it incorporates these energy streams but also integrates many other streams or currents such as Kwan Yin (bodhisattva of compassion), and our Ancestors, who are known here as the Native American/Canadian/Celtic Ancestors/Gods as well as other Shamanic streams. The mission here is to work with the fullest of integration of all Wisdom Strands. This is occurring because Humanity is now able to begin to receive Higher Level healing due to efforts made over previous centuries. Every stage has come to us at precisely the right Time, although it may not seem to be the case at all. 


The images on this site are all oil paintings created by me. Below are three of the many Elders who are working with us, Sekhmet, Ma'at and Thoth. I have no interest in whether or not the viewer or healing client believes in what I am saying here, in fact I would much prefer to remain incognito as I have done all my life, however it is now encumbent upon me (obligatory) to speak the Truth as I presently understand It. 


Testimonial from Sue, Manchester, April 2021 - extremely grateful to this lady for taking the time to write so much and in so much detail. I also worked on clearing heavy trauma energy from Sue's home during this period of intensive healing work.

"I suffer from a number of complex medical conditions - physical and mental and have a lot of health issues for the last 5 years including surgeries. I also recently went through a lot of emotional trauma and have been struggling to cope physically, mentally and emotionally. 

My symptoms included extreme chronic pain in my back and abdomen, kidney issues, severe depression, crippling anxiety with frequent heart palpitations, insomnia, fatigue and posture issues.

Overview of a typical healing session

I channel sound, toning, chanting at times during sessions alongside using deep, long breathwork. This is because the body and mind respond to vibration; everything including colour has a frequency. Particular sounds or vibrations/frequencies helps release trauma and emotional pain which in turn can lessen physical pain. Physical healing also responds to frequency. Consider how music can aid relaxation, or, conversely, cause an individual to become tense, for instance, it's all due to sympathetic resonance. Nature sound recordings are particularly beneficial for many people, such as bird song, rain, the ocean, especially as we living quite apart from Nature in areas such as mine (London). But I encourage individual choice. One person I see regularly loves rock music and so that's what we use, because I can understand how the drum beats and guitar riffs help him feel stronger and more grounded. There's no right/wrong here. 

In order to benefit a client simply needs to close their eyes and relax, taking in a few deep breaths and, if they are able, rolling their eyes up as if looking into their eyebrows, just for a few breaths. The eyelids naturally begin to flutter and then the person can close their eyes fully and let go of any straining. This technique helps us to enter Alpha level brainwaves, more open to relaxation and suggestion; Beta is normal waking consciousness level. The person stays fully clothed with shoes and watches, mobile phones, etc, removed/turned off. Healing may be conducted either lying or sitting as preferred, or, depending on location - I have done emergency healing on the tube (underground railway) for example.


After some initial consultation/discussion of issues/feelings/health complaints I most often begin a session with Indian head massage as mentioned previously, or reflexology on the feet if this is preferred. If touch is a difficult issue we can give the healing a few inches above the body. Sometimes I may be guided or intuit to focus on particular areas of 'blockage'. The exact style varies according to the individual and their needs at the time. Every session is a little different and experiences generally vary.


Crystals may be employed at certain stages of the session, often I will give the person a particular one to hold or place on their body if they wish. This is often to absorb heavy energies and give comfort at the same time. Crystals in general act rather like copper wire - they are useful conductors or energy and also absorb some negative energies so with permission I may lay one or two on the body for a time and remove them later. Guides are always present. If you are aware of these energies you may find you feel/see some who are close to you also. If you are in need of reassurance this may come from relatives who are now in the realms of the non-physical, and so forth. 


For those who are not yet open to those energies or frequencies, the effects tend to be feelings of calm, relief, relaxation and an improved sleep later. Or even during the session, sometimes people fall asleep. Again, this all depends on what you need at the time. If you have a lot of emotional pain to release this may be triggered - but not necessarily right away. The effects may last on average for up to three days and if you able to take responsibility for your own 'healing' then you can maximise the benefits by listening to your own needs, focusing on calm breathing, meditation, exercise and any other self-help strategy. Sometimes, of course, emotional pain leaves us unable to focus on these areas - just be gentle with yourself & trust that changes will occur at the pace which you are ready for. It is best to have time to relax after a session as you may feel light-headed or 'spaced out' for a while afterwards. The full effects may be felt for a few days after treatment.

The Science & Brief History behind Energy Healing 

Many of us speak in terms of energy without even realising it. We commonly describe ourselves or others as feeling 'low in energy', of being 'rundown' or of feeling or looking 'drained'. We often realise it is a low state that has preceded a cold or other unwanted illness, or 'dis-ease': all illnesses can be related to various states of feeling ill at ease within ourselves, but more of that later.

Our energy levels go up and down, we are all aware of this. The flow of energy can become blocked or out of balance due to negative experiences or feelings, traumas and lifestyle, for example, long-term shift work is scientifically known to have adverse affects on overall health. These imbalances can manifest as physical health issues (dis-ease) if left unchecked. Alternative therapies such as energy therapy and massage can assist in your efforts to improve your well being or general lifestyle or to help prepare for surgery/to enhance post-operative healing. Since we can become drained of energy we can also be refilled or recharged.

We tend to accept that we need to take energising foods, drinks and adequate rest to help heal ourselves, and in order to function at all. Our bodies assimilate the energy from foods and drinks and our bodies can be influenced to heal themselves with adequate rest and appropriate attention. Whenever we breathe, ingest food or interact with each other we are taking in energy, converting it into usable forms and expelling it again. In this way we can understand Life as an energetic cycle, of which we each form a significant part.

There is much written about the existence of the Human Energy Field in historic and religious texts/traditions such as the Hindu Vedas, the Kabbalah, and those of the Native American Medicine People, Japanese Zen Buddhists, and Rudolph Steiner, to name but a few. In the West, since the 19th century, many researchers have looked for ways to objectively prove what was usually only observable by clairvoyants or masters of meditative disciplines such as Qigong and Yoga. More recently, in the 1980s, at the Shanghai Atomic Nuclear Institute of Academia Sinica, it was found "that some vital-force emanations from Qigong masters seem to have a very low frequency sound wave that appears as a low-frequency fluctuating carrier wave. In some cases, Qi (energy) was also detected as a microparticle flow. The size of these particles was about 60 microns in diameter and they had a velocity of about 20-50cm/second (or 8-20 inches/second)." [p. 33 Barbara Ann Brennan, 1988).

During this same decade scientists at the Russian Bioinformation Institute of A.S Popow concluded that "living organisms emit energy vibrations at a frequency between 300 and 2000 nanometers." We can think of ourselves as being like radio transmitters as well as receivers. Have you ever thought of someone only to have them contact you a little while later? This is a form of energy exchange between the Human Energy Fields of two people. The Russian scientists gave this measurable phenomena the name 'biofield' or 'bioplasma'. These results were confirmed at the Medical Sciences Academy in Moscow and also by research in the U.K, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. It has also been regularly noted that the stronger a person's biofield the better their health.

In 'A study of Structural Neuromuscular Energy Field and Emotional Responses' Dr Valerie Hunt and others at UCLA recorded the frequency of millivoltage signals from the body during a series of energetic sessions (a form known a 'rolfing') - using elementary electrodes of silver and silver chloride placed upon the skin of participants. The findings from the electrodes were compared to the observations made by Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Centre, Glendale, California. Dr Hunt and her team then mathematically analysed the wave patterns recorded by a Fouvier analysis and a sonogram frequency analysis. The observations of Rev. Bruyere correlated directly with the wave forms and frequencies. The experiment was repeated was repeated with seven other aura readers. Again they witnessed auric emanations and colours that correlated with the wave patterns and frequencies. (See table of results below.)

Dr Hunt concluded: "throughout the centuries in which sensitives have seen and described the auric emissions (biofields), this is the first objective electronic evidence of frequency, amplitude and time, which validates their subjective observation of colour discharge". Dr. Hunt also stated that the chakras (Sanskrit name meaning ‘wheel’ referring to the body’s main energy centres) did frequently carry the colours described in metaphysical literature - below is a general guide or starting point:


Root/Base/Coccyx: Red,
Hypogastric: Orange,
Spleen/Liver: Yellow,
Heart: Green,
Throat: Blue,
Forehead/Brow/3rd Eye: Violet,
Crown/top of head: White

“The body can be viewed from a quantum concept of energy stemming from the atomic cellular nature of the functioning body, which cuts across all tissues and systems.” [Dr Hunt, p.35, B.A Brennan, 1988)

These colours are not as fixed as it may appear; there are many tints or hues that are involved, and also many tones/sounds that relate to each colour. In my experience, there is an additional significant chakra in between the heart and throat, a turquoise, directly relating to the thymus and thus influencing the immunity. 

[Most of this article is based upon 'Hands of Light' by Barbara Ann Brennan - a most helpful text book which can be easily found online]. 

More on Ma'at Sekhem healing

 Just look at the state of the World if you need convincing! Besides this, the Earth, Gaia herself needs us to improve ourselves and so give back to her. She has suffered long enough. 

On the individual level, Ma'at Sekhem holds you in a place of unconditional love which assists in the processing and releasing of inner child pain, trauma, past life karma. The point is to help the raising of consciousness so the person may develop greater trust in their own knowing (intuition) thereby empowering the person to live a richer and healthier life. Personal responsibility is a requirement, however, meaning one needs to let go of any notion of being 'fixed' or 'rescued', rather one must face one's demons, shadow side, insecurities, if one is to become free of them. There are riches to be gained via this approach. All forms of healing demand this, including orthodox medicine. Again, I speak from personal experience of battling with some of the darkest of demons. 

At the higher level this healing modality assists in the integration with the Essence (Spirit/Higher Self). Improvements in physical health problems may improve during this and other forms of holistic healing since they all begin at the emotional level; by releasing the emotional pain we may have physical improvements. By 'emotional pain' we mean unprocessed, unresolved past hurts, guilt, rage, anger, which only serve to keep us disempowered and locked in the past, often repeating old cycles of abuse and unhealthy attachments/dependencies including self-harming behaviours, dysfunctional relationships, and so forth. However, there are also karmic reasons for our physical sufferings and thus sometimes the physical pain and/or disability must be endured for reasons of growth and learning. It is a very individual thing.

Ma'at Sekhem may be given via the hands via direct contact, on the head/neck (similar to Indian head massage) or via the feet (incorporating reflexology). It may also be done above the body and via distance. At times I need to focus on particular areas of the body but this is not always the case. I adapt to the needs of the individual. I use a little homemade aromatherapy oil to anoint head or feet (unless the person dislikes it) as this assists connection and opening to receive. Sound is particularly important in this work; I use toning, sometimes a Tibetan singing bowl and crystals if required. We always use some form of music, to the taste of the individual, to facilitate the deepest relaxation. Youtube is often helpful for this. Please note, I tend to use 'we' as opposed to 'I' frequently because this healing is a Collective effort that also involves your Higher or Essence/Soul self. 

The experiences a person has during these forms of healing varies considerably. It all depends upon what the person needs, the level of consciousness and also what they allow themselves to receive. Faith is not required, nor belief, only the willingness to receive. I know very well how hard that is and have struggled for many years until I finally realised that in receiving help (in all forms) I was altering my frequency (vibration) which in turn allowed me to better serve others as well as lead a fulfilled and peaceful existence. Many of us are taught that we must give, always, but that to receive is both selfish and threatening. I had many experiences in early life where if I received, either in the form of attention or material things, there was always a heavy price to pay. I have reached the other side now and thus can assist others in a healthy and balanced manner. 

My art is a reflection of the healing work and another vehicle for the dissemination of healing messages and guidance. Many of them are illustrations for sets of oracle cards that I am also in the process of creating, these are simple ways of tapping into your own guidance system. 


Testimonials/CommentsI am so happy with Chloe. She is a very compassionate and kind healer. I have benefitted greatly from her approach....she always goes the extra mile.....Thank you so much.JK, during her last months of stage 4 cancer, London. Feb. 2021

Testimonials/CommentsI love your words and the way you convey things with such vivd detail and such compassion and sensitivity. It's definitely working - you are an amazing healer! I was happy for the first time in ages and have had energy when I finished work which is super rare! I'm also feeling like I want to connect (to friends) again which is a big step for me. Distance healing client - SG, Manchester, Feb 2021


"incredibly relaxing, healing energetic surgery by Chloe & 'the crew'".

Rob R, 2019

Testimonials/Comments"That was like Heaven!!" "You have a really good energy". Tracey, Client with cerebral palsy July 2019

"I am happy to recommend her services to anyone. The fact she is also such a lovely person with such an amazing energy is just a bonus. Thank you Chloe for the help you have given both myself and people I've recommended you to, we are all much healthier and happier for all your help" Sarah H. via Facebook, July 2019


"I am so relaxed afterwards, I always fall asleep. I have severe cerebral palsy and Chloe's work really help me to relax."

M.S via Facebook 


"I will never forget the two healing sessions by amazing Chloe Shalini; the energy flow and release of tension, liberation of emotions was wonderful. Can't wait for the next time."

L. D, Oslo, Norway. 2015


"You have a very deep insight learnt from your own pain & experience plus you have done a lot of transformative work on yourself. You take the blows & rise, & your 'never give up' attitude will lead you to achieve your ultimate goals in line with the finest principles of mysticism"

Dr N Khazal, energy healer & teacher, 2015


"I love to have these treatments. Very professional, friendly and holistic. Strongly recommended!!"

Helena T, London, 2017


"Thank you so much for the treatment Chloe gave me today. She is lovely, treatment very calming - I blubbed like a baby though!"

K, London, 2018 - dealing with bereavement

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